I See Deadly People

Our first Dark and Disturbing design has been uploaded to our Redbubble store.

Redbubble uses digital on-demand printing. When your order a shirt, they act on our behalf. Any issues with printing or purchasing needs to be directed straight to them, though please let us know if there are any problems.


Coming Soon

After four years of talking about it, we’re almost ready to launch our first tees under the Dark and Disturbing brand. We have a new look and feel and are excited about what 2014 will bring. In the meantime, follow us on the usual channels, as we get ready to begin trading.


Welcome to Dark and Disturbing

Welcome to dark and disturbing. We aim to commission, produce and distribute t-shirts created by Aboriginal, Indigenous and First Nations artists.

dark and disturbing is an emerging enterprise and we thank-you for your support.

You can also keep in touch with us via Twitter, Facebook and Google+.