Drive It gets driven out the door

Who knew my slow weekend in the lead up to Invasion Day would be so busy? Thanks to a bit of Tweet love (up to 195 RTs tonight!) from @BriggsGE, we’ve spent a couple of days fixing orders, counting stock, and researching pre-ordering  website plug-ins.

Anyway guys, the bad news is – despite what our website and order form might say, we’re virtually out of stock of Drive It shirts. We have also not worked out the “how to pre-order” functions yet. This means, you’ve either ordered a shirt we don’t have, or have not been able to order a shirt you want.

So on Tuesday (after the long weekend), we will

1) head to our trusty screen printer and get some more shirts done. He’s a pretty quick old bloke, and can turn around shirts often within a fortnight, and

2) install a pre-order extension to our shop so you can order the size that you want.

I’m sorry folks, we were completely taken by surprise this weekend. We really are still learning about inventory management. If you end up waiting, we’re more than happy to refund until your shirt is ready.

In the meantime, I’ll keep updating our Twitter and Facebook to let you know where we’re up to.  Any problems, just drop Matrisse a message at

Thanks for you patience.

Cheers, Leesa

PS. Check out Briggs. He’s deadly.