Dark+Disturbing is a curatorial project that explores Aboriginal sensibilities around knowledge, identity, and protest. It interrogates power structures and provides a platform for Aboriginal voice.

“Dark+Disturbing” references the place the “aborigine” holds in this country. The “aborigine” is either rendered invisible, as in terra nullius, or is made negative and pathologised as a problem or a curse. Vernon Ah Kee

Dark+Disturbing is a curatorial project of artist Vernon Ah Kee. Vernon’s work is in public institutions and collections in Australia and internationally. 

Vernon’s background in screen-printing resonates throughout Dark + Disturbing. Dark+Disturbing positions itself within Vernon’s practice as a vehicle to explore new opportunities and platforms. 

Against a concrete wall, a female person wearing a black tshirt with white bold text amiblackenoughforyou?

Why start with t-shirts?

As part of the IAm collection, Dark and Disturbing are proud to collaborate with Anita Heiss to present the official Tiddas shirt

What is IAM?

‘I am’ is a trope or device that is has been used in visual art, including Colin McCann, Gordon Bennett, Richard Bell, Vernon Ah Kee. ‘I am’ is a challenge, an assertion of humanity and personhood over subjugation and oppression.

From this our new label IAm was born as a vehicle to collaborate with select artists to design shirts for their projects and get them made.

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