proppaNOW designs added to our store

Dark+Disturbing is a project of Iscariot Media. The Iscariot Media team also work with the artist collective, proppaNOW. With proppaNOW we have created a range of tshirts by the artists as well as co-ordinating their inclusion in the 2014 Cairns Indigenous Art Fair. Vernon Ah Kee, who is the curator for Dark+Disturbing is also one of the founding members of proppaNOW. The crossover has lead to a bit of confusion in our previous system, where we tried to keep everything separate. Because we’re only a small team, we’ve decided to add the proppaNOW catalogue to the Dark+Disturbing store.

What’s the difference between the two styles of shirts?

All the proppaNOW shirts have pN2014 or pN2013 on the sleeve, while the Dark+Disturbing shirts have a discreet logo on the back (between the shoulder blades). There are also two different shirt styles but we are slowly transitioning to using Colours of Cotton by JB Shirts.

The only other difference between the two catalogues is that the Dark+Disturbing catalogue also has a women’s cut shirt, while the proppaNOW catalogue is only unisex.


We have also streamlined the pricing, with all shirts being 31.82 + GST, which brings the full price to $35.00. Postage and Handling is additional to that cost.

Hopefully, we’ll be able to manage the sales of the shirts a bit more efficiently now. Thanks for your patience while we sorted through these issues.

Cheers, Leesa