Online shop is temporarily closed

White te4xt "online shop news" on grey background.

Just a quick announcement to let you know that we’ve taken the shop offline for a week as we both rebuild the old website and pack up our shirts and head to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney for the annual Christmas MCA ArtBar.

We’ll be back home very late on Tuesday evening, and we’ll spend all day Wednesday updating the website’s inventory and getting the shop back online.


Another Year Done and Dusted!

Well it is that time of the year when our shirts are in high demand! This year we had a couple of events later in the year than usual, so this has also depleted our stocks. Despite this you can order Australia Drive It Like You Stole It and I See Deadly People  on BACKORDER until 21 December.

We have been told they will be here by early next week. Fingers crossed there will be time for the postie to deliver to your door before Christmas, however there is no guarantee, due to the high volume of postage at this time. So if it is a gift from someone special please let them know we have tried our hardest to make it happen!

We hope you have a great holiday season, and get to spend time with family and loved ones.

Bring on 2016!




Drive It gets driven out the door

Who knew my slow weekend in the lead up to Invasion Day would be so busy? Thanks to a bit of Tweet love (up to 195 RTs tonight!) from @BriggsGE, we’ve spent a couple of days fixing orders, counting stock, and researching pre-ordering  website plug-ins.


proppaNOW designs added to our store

Dark+Disturbing is a project of Iscariot Media. The Iscariot Media team also work with the artist collective, proppaNOW. With proppaNOW we have created a range of tshirts by the artists as well as co-ordinating their inclusion in the 2014 Cairns Indigenous Art Fair.


CIAF 2014 bump-in almost complete!

Our mini-gallery at Cairns Indigenous Art Fair is almost ready. Tomorrow is opening day, with the Art Fair starting properly on Friday.


Spending the week in FNQ!

This is the start of the proppaNOW space for CIAF 2014. Doesn’t look like much right now does it?


We’re here at Musgrave Park

Dark and Disturbing are here today at Brisbane’s original “meeting place”, Musgrave Park, as part of Brisbane’s NAIDOC celebration.


Our new site

As you can see, our new website is live. We are still to add in the store.

It’s far from cutting edge design. But it’s up and it’s functioning. And it’s the start of a much bigger adventure.

Cheers, Leesa


I See Deadly People

Our first Dark and Disturbing design has been uploaded to our Redbubble store.

Redbubble uses digital on-demand printing. When your order a shirt, they act on our behalf. Any issues with printing or purchasing needs to be directed straight to them, though please let us know if there are any problems.


Coming Soon

After four years of talking about it, we’re almost ready to launch our first tees under the Dark and Disturbing brand. We have a new look and feel and are excited about what 2014 will bring. In the meantime, follow us on the usual channels, as we get ready to begin trading.